SHIVAM ELECTRONICS is acclaimed quality conscious manufactures and supplier of Cable Tv Accessories. Our products include splitters, couplers, filters, traps etc. Our unit was established in 1992.

Our unit is a full-fledged family of experienced owners, engineers, skilled workers and hi-tech machines and instruments.

The company has played a vital role in the Cable Tv industry. We are driven by technology and the determination to excel in all activities our mission is directed towards providing the customer superior value and ensuring the success of employees vendors and business partners. Working towards our mission, we follow the total quality and continuous improvements in product features and processes. We are committed to providing quality products at competitive prices, coupled with timely delivery.

We are confident that the most challenging designs can be manufactured by us to satisfy & delight the customer.

All products are manufactured from materials as International Standard Specifications. They are precisely machined on modern machine tools to give you years of reliable operations. Better insulating materials are used.

SHIVAM ELECTRONICS is a provider of innovative products and services who can satisfy your needs in Tv Accessories. Since for us is not just a business but also a passion.

The city is spread approximately over 100 square kilometers and has a population of 1.2 million loving ,caring and spirited people from all castes and cadres. People are pious, religious and with great hospitality. It's a city of dream, people with good admiration and professionals with great potentials. Rajkot has a major business of manufacturing TV accessories to draw Satellite as well as Television field in Technology. It is also helpful to develop in communication field.

We have also the facility of transportation of Tv Accessories through railways at any place throughout the country. There is also the facility of staying in a three star hotels at Rajkot. For tour and for traveling there are also the amenities like railways, roadways and by airport. Not only this, there is also international banking available. Apart from this being a good city at Business areas every businessmen can mix with the other very easily. They have the potential to work in a professional and friendly environment where one can say, "Sky is a limit".